Online Retailers, Are You Treating Your Store Right?

Online retailers tend to neglect their e-commerce stores once they’ve launched them. This is a huge mistake. Where your customers are concerned; your online store, is a ‘real’ store. It’s simply not enough to update inventory! Look at it this way, if yours was a tangible store, located among many well maintained competitive stores; its appearance would matter to you. You would paint it each year, dust and polish its windows each day, and decorate it for Christmas. You would do that because promotion is essential in order to maintain healthy brands. Promotion increases store traffic and sales. Well, your online store requires the same attention. Below are just a couple of ideas on turning this around. 

Get Creative!
You’ve got to keep the web design in your retail store looking fresh and fantastic. So change it around each year. You don’t need to do a complete design overhaul; sometimes small, relatively inexpensive changes make a huge difference. For instance, you could change the background animation of your website. Keep in mind that your competitors are likely to have super deals during the holidays in order to build consumer loyalty. So brainstorm in advance in order to make sure the deals you offer are better! 

Get Techy!
Make tried and tested online marketing strategies work for you. For example, search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising boosts sales. So make sure you use them. You can use fantastic free tools like Google Analytics to keep tabs on customer behaviour in your store. For example, if your customers visit some sections/pages more often; have links to your new deals and loyalty programmes on those pages. Ask a few of your customers to give you some feedback on your payment gateway. Use their suggestions to make your store’s buying process better. If you use technological innovations to make the online shopping experience enjoyable, more customers will choose your store. So make sure to give your store, the attention it deserves.

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