MWC 2016 in Barcelona

Inspiring Innovations at MWC 2016 in Barcelona

The mobile industry is characterized by startling innovations followed by rapid changes. This continues to create a myriad of opportunities for both industry leaders and consumers. The MWC 2016 showcased the current and future direction of the global mobile industry; introduced cutting edge technological developments, key growth areas, new non-traditional services and offered strategies for future growth. The Panos Petropoulos blog gives you a quick glimpse of the most intriguing aspects of this year’s mobile congress. 


A Mobile Industry Characterized by Rapid Change

The MWC 2016 highlights ways in which unstructured data collected by machines can be used, analyzed and drive advances in the field through the IoT. The Internet of Things or loT is an amazing system of connected computer devices that are both natural and artificial with unique identifiers, equipped for data transfer over a network without traditional human-to-computer or human-to-human contact. 4G and 5G technology can be used to boost the potential of the loT system and give consumers a better and more varied portfolio of services. New strides in virtual reality headsets for smartphones that enables users to immerse themselves in an amazing gaming or video experience were also introduced during the mobile congress. With increasing consumer demand driving a more intuitive experience design, virtual reality is set to play an increasingly important role in the future of the mobile industry. Additionally, advances in utilizing femtocells that are small base stations, in tandem with 5G technology for cellular systems is another exiting area that was touched on at the mobile industry event. Utilizing fem cells in 5G infrastructure could transform the mobile industry and carry the scope of services and the quality of services offered to end users to new heights. 

Force of French Tech

Another highlight of MWC 2016 is the strong showing made by French Tech. In recent years, the French Tech ecosystem has exhibited dynamic growth and consistent adaptability to meet the evolving needs of end consumers. This year, French Tech continues to hold its place among the giants in the global mobile industry and “La French Tech” continues to grow in brand recognition and prestige. Supported by the French government and representing an exclusive selection of cutting edge French startups in mobile technology, the brand shows rapid evolution in the last year. For those of you that did not view French Tech at MWC 2016, you may have caught up with the brand’s progress and innovations at the 4YFN conference. The Panos Petropoulos blog recommends that next time you attend MWC you also stop by its sister event, 4YFN (4 Year From Now) and enjoy the unique experience of what homegrown French innovation will look like and how it will impact you in four years into the future. 

Overall, it can be said with certainty that the MWC 2016 did not disappoint and introduced a range of exciting new developments in the global mobile industry. Ensure to keep visiting the Panos Petropoulos blog for exciting new information on entrepreneurship and technology in Europe.